Warped Tour 2014

How does one review Warped Tour? The experience is different for everyone and with 100+ bands, I cannot even begin to talk about each of them. I will do my best to review the bands I did see and just tell about my day in general.

I attended Warped in Scranton, PA on July 9, 2014 at the Toyota Pavilion at Montage.

After getting through the lovely traffic that is getting to Warped, the first band I went to see was The Summer Set. This would be my third time seeing them live, and the second year I saw them at Warped. They were phenomenal, as always. They were energetic, even for going on early in the day. They really got the crowd going for a great day. While they played their hit singles, they also played some of their older songs, which was delightful.

After TSS, I headed all the way across the venue to see Air Dubai. While waiting for them to play, I caught some of This Wild Life’s set on the adjoining stage. I had never even heard of This Wild Life, but I liked what I heard. They were great and I made a note to look into them later, which I did. Later in the day, I passes their tent and saw they were selling CDs for just $1, so I had to buy it and have been listening to it ever since.

Air Dubai then came on. Like TWL, I had never heard Air Dubai’s music. It is a bit more hip-hop than I usually listen to, but I still really enjoyed it. Their two singers put on a great show and were really upbeat and fun. After their set, they had a signing and photo thing, which my friend and I attended.

After their signing, we headed to The Summer Set’s tent for their photo meet and greet. While waiting for that to start, I caught one of the bands on a nearby stage. I believe it was Shiragirl whose performance was interesting to say the least. People couldn’t stop watching their set.

Following The Summer Set M&G, my friend went to the YouTubers meet-up, while I went to explore a bit on my own, planning to meet my friend for Echosmith’s set in the amphitheater. After walking around a bit, I headed to the amphitheater a bit early and caught the latter half of The Maine’s set. I got their just in time to hear my favorite song of theirs, followed by another one that I loved. Doing “Girls do What they Want” the lead singer (whose name escapes me) invited one of the guys from the crowd on stage. This poor guy clearly felt awkward as he did not know the lyrics and the lead singer wanted him to sing. It was entertaining and the guy had fun with it.

Echosmith followed The Maine. They were fun, energetic, and exciting. They put on a great show that the crowd was absolutely loving. Sydney is absolutely adorable and I was happy to see them perform live. They later had a signing/photo M&G, which I went to. While in line to meet them, their merch guy Dylan came up to me trying to sell me stuff. He had told me he was in a terrible mood, so I told him he wouldn’t sell much stuff with that attitude. I said if he changed his mood, I would buy a CD. He did, so I did. I had fun messing with him and told him I would only refer to him as Grumpy Guy.

Between Echosmith’s set and their M&G, my friend and I had some downtime. There were no bands we really wanted to see, so we just hung in the amphitheater watching whoever came on stage. I do not recall any of the bands we watched at that point, but they were all pretty good.

To me, it is not truly a day at Warped without seeing my buddy Joey Biagas of Setting Sunrise. Every year at Warped I meet up with him for a bit and end up buying something from him. Two years ago it was his CD. Last year his SS Punk Ariel tank. This year the Punk Jasmine tank from his Symple Apparel line. This is the only time of year that I get to see Joey, so I always make sure I get to him, and he makes sure of that too. He is honestly one of the nicest guys I know and I cannot wait for him to make it big. I know he will. I really just hope that one day I get to see him perform live. I’ve been a fan of his for over three years I believe and never got to see him perform.

After Echosmith’s M&G, we headed back to the amphitheater to see The Ready Set. He put on an amazing show, playing old favorites as well as new loves. We did not head into the crowd for this one because it was towards the end of the day and we just felt like sitting back and watching. After TRS, we headed to the other side of the venue for We The Kings. This, like TSS, was my third time seeing them live and the second time seeing them on Warped. They never disappoint with their performances. Travis was as great as always. Their set was packed and everyone was loving it.

Well, that was basically my day on Warped and the best that I could review it. I don’t think I missed any bands that I saw or met or anything. If you have the chance, go to a Warped date near you. You won’t regret it. I almost didn’t go this year and I am so glad that I did.

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