Boys Like U – Like the Movies and Ali Brustofski – Video Review

On May 20, 2014, Like the Movies and Ali Brustofski released the music video for their song “Boys Like U”. 

One Word: Fun.

This video is cute and fun and goes quite well with the song. I love that they featured different decades throughout the song. I wish they maybe spent a little less time in the 1920’s because by the time they switched to the 50’s, I was very thrown off. There was too much time spent on the 20’s scene that it seemed like it would be the whole video. There was very little time spent on the 80’s scenes, which was disappointing.

During the 1920’s scenes, it was cute that they were swinging the hanging microphone to one another when each turn singing began. That was sweet and looked pretty cool as well. Having the little audience standing there in these scenes was a bit odd. They didn’t do much, nor did they add to the video. They were just kind of there. The scenes set in the 50’s were the most fun, so I wish there were more of these scenes. There was so little of the 80’s themed scenes that I can’t really say much about them. All of the costumes were great, though.

Everyone involved clearly had a lot of fun in making this video. Their enjoyment makes it even more fun for the viewer. Their energy is contagious.

Watch it here:


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